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Increasingly Unsure if my Conversations Are Imaginary
What the title says.  I really don't know how much I'm imagining this stuff . . .

Me, at 3 AM: Okay, you've had some more milk, you're getting cuddles—why are you not going back to sleep?
Baby boy: Brrr!
Me: You're cold?  That can't be it . . .
Baby boy: Brrr!  Ba ba* brrr!  Brrr!  Brrr, ma ma!
Me: You want a bottle?  You didn't finish what you had, that's true; here you go.
Baby boy (thrusting the bottle away angrily): Ba ba ba ba ba brrr ba ba!  Brrr!  Brrr! Ah da da da ma ma . . . *really angry ranting with the occasional interspersed scream of frustration*
Me: Okay, stop bicycling.  Stop it!  Baby boy, you're kicking me—
End of Baby Boy that does not normally speak: *PPPBBLLRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRTTTTTT*
Me (slightly stunned): Oh . . . you needed to 'brrr' . . .
Baby boy (smugly): Ba ba ba mfff.  *buries head in my chest and goes promptly to sleep*

(A few days later)

Cats in other room: *SOUNDS OF GREAT ANGER*
Baby Girl: Gah!
Me: That's right, that was the cats!  The cats are mad.
Baby Girl: Gah! *thrusts jaw forward and squinches up face in a frankly adorable "mad" expression*

. . . but I think communication is at least beginning to occur.  (Which is, frankly, completely incredible in all possible ways.)

*He didn't actually say "ba ba" at this point.  He said something that might, if you try reaaaaallly hard, sound somewhat like his name.  But he's too young to decide whether he wants his name on the internet, so.

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LOL!! Ahhh...they learn fast don't they?!

Adorable...utterly adorable!!


*HUGS back*

They do. It's incredible how much they've grown, not just in size, but what they're able to do, and think about, and notice.

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