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Kneel Before Stormaggeddon
What apparently went through my baby boy's head today, just before naptime:

All right, time to keep myself occupied while Mama gets my sister to sleep.  Still don't know why I can't ram the bedroom door with my toy car or make it play "Yankee Doodle Dandy" fifty-seven times.  Grownups are just weird.  Ah, here we are—pokey things!

Right, I've seen Dada use these pokey things before.  This one points, and *press press press press press press* ah hah!  The screen thingy comes on!  Sort of boring, though, just a little sign bouncing around saying "No Signal."  Well, I can fix that with the other pokey thing.  *poke poke poke poke wiggle wiggle wiggle poke*

Hah!  Now everything's purple!  And there are boxes!  *wiggle wiggle wiggle*  No, I don't want to play Mama and Dada's squareness game.  They keep yelling at someone called a "creeper," and I don't think I'd like him.  No, I think I want . . . Internet!  That sounds cool.  I'll get an internet.  *poke poke*

Hey!  Pictures!  Pictures are good!  Little boxes with words are boring.  Go away, little box.  *poke*  Why are there more little boxes?  Wha—HEY!  Mama, why are you taking away my pokey things?  Why are you turning off the screen thingy?  What do you mean, "You can't buy stuff on Amazon?!" Put me down, I have rights!

So . . . yeah.  Despite a vocabulary of less than twelve words, my son is smart enough to use the Playstation.

Mark my words, in five years, he'll be running this joint.  And by "this joint," I suspect I mean "Earth."

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Oh, my goodness! The babies aren't babies anymore, are they? They're speaking and everything! (I sound like a complete idiot, don't I?) It's good to hear all of this, though, and it made me smile, remembering lo, these many years ago. I am so very glad we didn't have a computer in the house before he was 8 ....

Anyhow - it's so good to "see" you!

Well, I still think of them as babies . . . but, yeah. They're starting to talk, they can definitely walk, they're even starting to play pretend with simple things (playing like an empty cup has something in it, declaring it "juice!" and so forth). It's pretty wild.

Good to see you, too!

You're right about them always being your babies, even as they grow up. My 29-year-old is still "kiddo" to me.

Bless you, this was hilarious!! Oh my goodness! I grinned like an idiot all the way through (when I wasn't laughing out loud!) Blessings to you and the babies, honey. And may they often make you smile!


*hugs back*

Glad you enjoyed!

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